Z4-400-32, Z4-450-22, Z4 Series DC Motor

Z4-400-32, Z4-450-22, Z4 Series DC Motor

Z4-four hundred-32,Z4-450-22 ,Z4 sequence Dc Motor 

Item Description
Z series DC motor utilised polygon construction so that the utilizing charge of the stators inner space is extremely large. The magnet yoke is laminated fashion, suitable for silicon managed commutate power offer and it can endure pulsating present and quick change of recent (load modify).Magnetic poles are fixed by specific orientation. All the motors of technique are with compensate winding, so the reverse efficiency is really properly.
The insulation class of the motor is F, making use of of reputable insulation construction and nonmenstruum vacuum force impregnated, guaranteeing the steady functionality of insulation and good heat dissipation.

Overall performance
one. The normal rated voltage of the electromotor are 440V, 550V, 660V, 750V and so forth. Voltage of other lessons can also be derived in accordance distinct scenario, but should be negotiated when purchasing.
two. The basic excitation style is individually fired up, the thrilled voltage is 220V, Voltage of other courses can also be derived in accordance certain predicament, but need to be negotiated when purchasing.
three. Quick time overload capacity of motor.
Motor can be divided into two kinds in accordance to the use
Very first sort (A): common industrial DC motor Next kind (B): steel rolling mill DC motor.
a) First sort (A) motor can endure the overload (1min) according to desk one
Desk one

percentage of fundamental pace percentage of standard speed
rarely using consistently employing
100 200 175
200 160 a hundred and fifty
>300 one hundred forty one hundred twenty five

b)Very first variety (B) motor can endure the overload (1min) in accordance to table two
Desk 2

percentage of fundamental velocity proportion of fundamental speed
rarely making use of continually employing
one hundred 200180* 175160*
200 160180* 160
>300 175160* one hundred forty
*When the simple velocity of the motor≥650r/min,employing the variety in the bracket.

c) The limited time overload potential rarely employed means transpires infrequency or only at the urgency, the motor operating exceed the constant rated overload ability, we suggest you modify the instantaneous open/close device of the switch according to the limited time overload potential rarely using.
The brief time overload capability rarely continually used means its an component of the normal working interval, the motor endure the constant rated overload capability once more and yet again. Right after operating at quick time overload, it should doing work light-weight load to make the overload intervals overload root-imply-square much less than its continuous ration.
d)Next sort DC motor(B)can endure the subsequent ongoing load Functioning steady inside the rated voltage and rotate speed with one hundred fifteen% rated electrical power overload, the temperature is higher when at this overload, other attributes probably different from operating at the rated situation.
Inside the rated voltage and rotate pace, following operating at the rated overload, doing work at the 125% rated energy for two hours, the temperature increase cant overrun the controlled numerical price other functions perhaps different from doing work at the rated situation.
e) Second variety DC motor(B),at the rated rotate velocity, the overload can attain 2.5 occasions no for a longer time than 15s only utilized as soon as in a while.
four. The modify price of present
    Under all rotate velocity and load, the modify charge of present (di/dt) that   the motor can endure is 250 moments rated recent.
five. Libration and sounds
a) the libration of the motor accords with GB10068Measurement analysis and boundaries of the vibration severity of rotating electrical equipment which the shaft center height is 56mm and previously mentioned center specifications regulation.
b) The sounds of the motor accords with GB10069.three Measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machinery and sound restrictions.
six.working issue
a) Altitude earlier mentioned sea level maximal is1,000m
b) Cooling air temperature maximal is 40oC Cooling h2o temperature   maximal is 32oC
c) The motor can be set up below foul circumstance, but the proper cooling   method of cooling approach of cooling and defend class should be selected. If the predicament is unique, make sure you negotiate.
d) The motor is suitable for three-phase bridge rectfier energy offer, also can undertake energy source of DC generator.
e) The motor accord with GB755 ”The ration and overall performance of the   rotating electrical machinery”, IEC60034-1 ”The ration   
and functionality of the rotating electrical machinery” and JB/T9577 ”CZPT specifications of Z series middle motor electromotor”.
seven.The efficiencies shown in the knowledge sheet are for rated output, voltage and speed, and include excitation loss.

The choice of the motors potential
    1.1st kind (A): Common industrial DC motor. The specialized data of this sort of motor please see the specialized knowledge table. The consumer can choose the potential, voltage, operating pace and the method of cooling of the motor at the consumers alternative.
    2. 2nd type (B): Metallic rolling mill DC motor. The output power of this type of motor is about twenty% reduced than sort (A), the detail numerical value can be negotiated by the person and the manufacture.
    3. Exclude the specification of specialized info in the table. Company can derive other specification at the requirement of the consumer.. 

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Z4-400-32, Z4-450-22, Z4 Series DC Motor