St-Ah Heavy Duty Horizontal Slurry Pump

St-Ah Heavy Duty Horizontal Slurry Pump

Slurry pump with tough metal put on parts 
Elastomer-linedDurableEfficient Slurry Pump/Mud Pump
Ability:25000T/working day

1.Utilizes and Features:
The M.AH type slurry pumps have pump bodies (volute liners, entrance and back liners) that consist of replaceable put on-resistant metal liners or use-resistant rubber liners, and impellers can also implement put on-resistant steel substance or wear-resistant rubber content.The HH sort slurry pumps only implement put on-resistant metal material as their pump bodies and impellers.
ten/8(200)NZJ-ST (TU, C, D, E, S, R)-AH (AHR, M, HH)
10—- diameter of pump suction inlet (inch)
eight—- diameter of pump discharge outlet (inch)
(200)—- metric system 200mm
NZJ—-Naipu Group, initial letters for slurry pump
ST (TU, C, D, E, S, R)—- mode of foundation
AH (M, HH) —-slurry pump
AHR—- put on-resistant rubber soaked areas used
3.Structural Graphic:
NZJ-Collection slurry pumps are suited for severe slurry problems with coarse particles and higher competency.
three.1 There are two types of content for wet components (volute liners, front and back again liners, impellers):
L Produced of substantial-chrome alloy content
L Created of very use-resistant rubber materials investigated and created by Naipu business.
Both of them can satisfy the job of slurry pumping with high effectiveness and lengthy services existence.
3.two Framework of shaft seals:
L Packing gland seals
L Force-decreasing steel gland seals
L Force-lowering rubber gland seals
L Mechanical seals.
NZJ Series slurry pumps have two types of structural modes, which are the substantial-chrome alloy a single and the rubber use-resistance one particular.The soaked areas produced of possibly alloy or rubber can be mixed up in operation.

For illustration:A rubber volute liner and liners can be mixed with an alloy impeller in operation, and a rubber impeller can be employed together wit an alloy volute liner and liners.

four.Introduction of Variety Variety
When the kind variety is carried out, the efficiency curve desk for clear drinking water of a pump shall be referred to, and the coefficient of selection for the stream chosen is as follows:

four.1 M, AH sort pumps For slurry of substantial density and powerful abrasiveness, the coefficient of stream assortment will be 40-eighty% For slurry of medium density and medium abrasiveness, the coefficient of flow range will be 40-a hundred%
4.1.three For slurry of low density and low abrasiveness, the coefficient of movement assortment will be forty-a hundred and twenty%.

four.two HH kind pumps
four.two.1 For slurry of medium density and sturdy abrasiveness, the coefficient of movement variety will be forty-eighty%
four.2.2 For slurry of minimal density and robust abrasiveness, the coefficient of stream variety will be 40-a hundred%
4.2.three For the optimum effectiveness point beneath a specific RPM issue, its corresponding circulation fee will be a hundred%.

selection Chart and Performance
design max power(KW) ability(m3/H) head(M) speed 
40/25B-AH fifteen twelve.six-28.eight six-68 1200-3800
forty/25C-HH 30 sixteen.2-34.2 25-92 1400-2200
fifty/40B-AH fifteen 34.2-72 6-58 1200-3200
75/50C-AH thirty 39.six-86.4 twelve-sixty four 1300-2700
seventy five/50D-HH 60 sixty eight.four-136.8 twenty five-87 850-1400
a hundred/75C-AH thirty 86.4-198 nine-fifty two one thousand-2200
a hundred/75E-HH 120 126-252 twelve-ninety seven 600-1400
one hundred fifty/100D-AH 60 162-360 twelve-fifty six 800-1550
one hundred fifty/100S-HH 560 324-720 thirty-118 600-a thousand
150S-HH 560 468-1008 20-ninety four 500-one thousand
two hundred/150R-AH three hundred 360-828 ten-sixty one five hundred-1140
250/200E-M 120 666-1440 14-60 600-1100
250/200ST-AH 560 612-1368 eleven-sixty one four hundred-850
300/250ST-AH 560 8936-1980 7-68 three hundred-800
350/300ST-AH 560 1260-2772 thirteen-63 300-600
four hundred/350TU-AH 1200 1368-3060 11-sixty three 250-550
five hundred/450TU-AH 1200 2520-5400 13-57 two hundred-four hundred

St-Ah Heavy Duty Horizontal Slurry Pump


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