Diesel Motor Silent 30kw 40kw Diesel Electric Generator Manufacturer Prices

Diesel Motor Silent 30kw 40kw Diesel Electric Generator Manufacturer Prices

Product Description 
Diesel motor silent 30kw 40kw diesel electrical generator maker rates
one. Our cooperate with well-known diesel motor -driven by ,Isuzu,Fawde,Yanmar,Deutz, Lovol/United kingdom brand, British isles-Lister Petter, Weichai.
two. Brushless alternator — Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon, JET.
3. High-quality steel are thickness — 2MM to 4MM
4. High density audio-absorbing substance — seem insulation, fireproofing
five. New style of switch-back again sort for air inflow & air outlet which can minimize the noise and advance engine effectiveness.
six. Generator set use High-top quality steel are thickness cover — 2MM to 6MM
seven. Generator geared up with 12V/ 24V DC battery with charger, battery connects wire
8. Gorgeous & practicably design, Bottom hole for forklift, H2o outlet & oil outlet for effortless servicing

CZPT Information

Product  400V / 50Hz / 1500RPM Diesel Engine Alternator Soundproof type
Standby output CZPT Output Design Stamford Packing (mm)
KVA KW KVA KW  (L x W x H)
C-28 28 22 25 twenty 4B3.nine-G1/24KW PI144E/25KVA 2000*1000*1250
C-33 33 26 30 24 4BT3.9-G1/36KW PI144G/30KVA 2300*1000*1250
C-41 forty one 33 38 30 4BT3.9-G1/36KW PI144J/40KVA 2300*one thousand*1250
C-fifty five 55 44 50 40 4BTA3.9-G2/50KW UCI224D/50KVA 2600*one thousand*1450
C-sixty six sixty six fifty three 60 forty eight 4BTA3.9-G11/70KW UCI224E/60KVA 2600*a thousand*1450
C-80 eighty sixty four 73 fifty eight 4BTA3.9-G11/70KW UCI224F/seventy two.5KVA 2600*1000*1450
C-ninety four ninety four 75 85 sixty eight 6BT5.nine-G1/92KW UCI224G/85KVA 2800*1000*1500
C-one hundred ten 110 88 a hundred 80 6BT5.9-G1/92KW UCI274C/100KVA 2800*a thousand*1500
C-a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five a hundred 114 91 6BTA5.nine-G2/106KW UCI274D/114KVA 2800*a thousand*1500
C-143 143 114 one hundred thirty 104 6BTAA5.9-G2/120KW UCI274E/140KVA 3200*1100*1600
C-one hundred sixty five 165 132 a hundred and fifty 120 6BTAA5.nine-G12/140KW UCI274F/160KVA 3200*1100*1600
C-one hundred seventy five a hundred seventy five one hundred forty 160 128 6CTA8.three-G1/163KW UCI274F/160KVA 3400*1120*1800
C-193 193 154 a hundred seventy five a hundred and forty 6CTA8.three-G1/163KW UCI274G/182KVA 3400*1120*1800
C-220 220 176 two hundred one hundred sixty 6CTAA8.3-G2/183KW UCI274H/200KVA 3600*1200*1800
C-250 250 200 225 a hundred and eighty 6LTAA8.9-G2/220KW UCDI274J/230KVA 3600*1200*1800
C-275 275 220 250 200 6LTAA8.nine-G3/230KW UCDI274K/250KVA 3600*1200*1800
C-275 275 220 250 200 NT855-GA/231KW UCDI274K/250KVA 3900*1400*2000
C-344 344 275 313 250 NTA855-G1B/284KW HCI444ES/325KVA 3900*1400*2000
C-385 385 308 350 280 NTA855-G2A/312KW HCI444E/350KVA 3900*1400*2000
C-413 413 330 375 300 NTAA855-G7/343KW HCI444FS/380KVA 3900*1400*2000
C-440 440 352 400 320 6ZTAA13-G2/390KW HCI444F/400KVA 5000*1800*2250
C-five hundred five hundred 400 450 360 6ZTAA13-G4/400KW HCI544C/455KVA 5000*1800*2250
C-500 500 four hundred 450 360 KTA19-G3/403KW HCI544C/455KVA 5000*1800*2250
C-550 550 440 500 400 QSZ13-G3/450KW HCI544D/500KVA 5000*1800*2250
C-550 550 440 five hundred 400 KTA19-G4/448KW HCI544D/500KVA 5000*1800*2250
C-633 633 506 575 460 KTAA19-G6/520KW HCI544E/600KVA 5000*1800*2450
C-650 650 520 585 468 KTA19-G8/575KW HCI544E/600KVA 5000*1800*2450
C-715 715 572 650 520 QSKTAA19-G3 NR2/574KW HCI544F/670KVA 5000*1800*2450
C-825 825 660 750 600 KTA38-G2/664KW LVI634C/760KVA 6050*2435*2589
C-880 880 704 800 640 KTA38-G2B/711KW HCI634G/800KVA 6050*2435*2589
C-1000 a thousand 800 900 720 KTA38-G2A/813KW HCI634H/910KVA 6050*2435*2589
C-1100 1100 880 1000 800 KTA38-G5/880KW HCI634J/1000KVA 6050*2435*2589
C-1250 1250 1000 1125 900 KTA38-G9/1089KW LVI634G/1250KVA 6050*2435*2589
C-1375 1375 1100 1250 one thousand KTA50-G3/1097KW LVI634G/1250KVA 12192*2435*2896
C-1540 1540 1232 1400 1120 KTA50-G8/1200kw PI734B/1400KVA 12192*2435*2896
C-1650 1650 1320 1500 1200 KTA50-GS8/1287KW PI734C/1550KVA 12192*2435*2896

*Heavy duty diesel engine
*Four stroke, water cooled
*12V and 24V stater and charge alternator
*Cooling radiator and fan
*Maintenance free battery including ract and cable
*Flexible fuel connection hoses and manual oil sump drain valve
*Exhaust silencer

*Brushless, single bearing, flexible disc
*Insulation class: H
*Protection class: IP23
*Self-exciting and Self-regulation

*All canopy designed with modular principles
*All metal canopy parts painted by electrostatic polyester power paint
*Soundproof design ensure that the noise level be controlled in small scope
*Convenient to lift and move
*Easy to maintenance and operate
*CZPT open up door on each sides of the Gensets. Roomy doorways can check for each and every part of the engine and alternator.

Base Frame
*Base frame including position for forklift and crane
*Integral fuel tank
*Generator outfitted with 8-24 several hours gasoline tank with gasoline indicator, continuely functioning.
*Fuel tank easy to maintain and clean
*Anti-vibration pads are flexed between engine and alternator.

Control System
*Management, monitor and protect the Generator Set including:
*High water temperature
*Low oil pressure
*Over and under speed
*Over current
*Beneath/Over generator voltage
*CZPTt and stop failure
*Low and high battery voltage
*Charge fail
*Emergency stop

Major standards GB/T2820, ISO8528,IEC34, CE, EPA Tier4 standard
CZPT output electricity from 5KVA to 2500KVA
Rated voltage 120V/240V, 220/380V, 230V/400V, 254V/440V and many others. other voltage is optional
Generator period and connecting three stage, 4wire
Rated frequency 50Hz@1500rpm or 60Hz@1800rpm
Alternator excited variety Brushless, self fired up or PMG optional
Alternator Insulation Course H
Alternator Defense IP21 ~ IP23
Voltage regulation AVR computerized manage one%
Altitude above sea stage ≤1000 meters
Ambient air temperature ≤40°C
Relative air humidity ≤ 90%

Solution Guarantee Information
1.JET product has promise for one yr or one thousand hours whichever achieve initial from ex-factory day.
two. For the duration of the promise time period, our will supply the cost-free straightforward-damageable spare parts of alternator brought on by our quality of manufacturing or raw content.
3.Right after expiration, our gives price spare elements upkeep of alternator. If engine with global warranty provider, the motor item guarantee by nearby authorization Services agent.


Diesel Motor Silent 30kw 40kw Diesel Electric Generator Manufacturer Prices